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You have found the Coronado Art Gallery online website! We have moved our retail store into cyberspace to reach a larger audience and to bring our local art to all corners of the earth.

Our online gallery features work by the well-known artist Sue Tushingham McNary as well as works by Glenn Michael McNary and a representation of select local artists. Paintings, etchings, photography, watercolors, multimedia and vintage memorabilia.

The gallery has two main artists, Sue Tushingham McNary and Glenn Michael McNary.

Sue Tushingham McNary, owned and operated her own gallery at the world famous "Hotel Del Coronado" for over 18 years and is a familiar name to collectors who have discovered the colorful tranquillity, warmth and sensitivity of her etchings and oils, of local landmarks and florals. Sue has become one of Southern California's most widely collected and respected artists. QUESTIONS ABOUT SUE'S WORK: Contact/Email Sue

Glenn Michael McNary, owner and founder of the "Coronado Art Gallery" had studied art and photography in school and was working as a professional picture framer designer when he decided to open the "Coronado Art Gallery" retail store in the 1100 block of Orange Avenue in May of 2001. Glenn is a photographic artist making a name for himself in "Photographic Impressionism" (explained below) as well as black and white photography.

Sue's works enjoy considerable popularity in private and corporate collections. Hundreds of her pieces sail the seas worldwide in wardrooms, captain's and admiral's cabins of Navy ships. Corporate offices, hotels, restaurants and banks have added Sue's work to their permanently displayed collections. Many of her originals are included in the permanent collections of several cities as well as the National Archives in Washington D.C. Sue's works are also in the private collections of Prince Charles, Mike Douglas and Dr. Robert Schuller to name just a few. QUESTIONS ABOUT SUE'S WORK: Contact/Email Sue

Glenn is a third generation artist, raised in an art environment, who has studied art his entire life. His studies in local colleges, including San Diego State University, have included ceramics, drawing, photography and graphic communications. He has worked for local newspapers in the photography and advertising departments as well as for print shops and advertising firms. He has been framing since he was fifteen and has worked in several galleries in Coronado and San Diego as a designer or the lead picture framer.

The gallery features other local artists, photographers and a collection of vintage photos from the 1800's & early 1900's. These are offered to you as digitally restored photographic images. One of our exclusive images is a color photo from 1906 that shows people out for a stroll on the boardwalk with the Hotel Del in the background. Another exclusive image that is believed to have been painted in 1889 by an artist by the name of Miller. The digitally restored image is of a very old photo of a painting that was of the early days of Coronado's history. The painting features the Hotel Del on a secluded beach with waves crashing on the shore.

Thank you for visiting, take a look around, ask questions and leave comments.

Photo Impressionism is a hand-applied technique on an original Polaroid photograph. The effect is created by the photographer shortly after taking a photograph with an “SX-70 Polaroid” camera using the “Time Zero” film. The photographer turns into an artist by using special tools to “paint” with the emulsion inside of the photo envelope. The emulsion remains soft enough to be blended, mixed, and distorted by the artist. This effect creates a painted impressionistic look to each photograph. The photograph is then scanned with a high resolution scanner to capture fine details and colors. The computer is used only to fix imperfections, correct the color, and enlarge the photo. The total effect is all created by hand, not by the computer, Photoshop filters or paint.
The photograph then becomes an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art.
Glenn discovered this technique in 1998, when he was working as a designer in a gallery in La Jolla. Glenn had noticed a beautiful piece of art that looked like a painting but had the characteristics of a photograph. Glenn contacted the artist and asked him how he captured realistic tones and shadows in his painting. The artist shared his secret about the magic of the Polaroid camera. Glenn’s family just happened to own one of these Polaroid cameras. Using his family’s Polaroid camera, Glenn then took a photograph of his kitchen and went to work on it, experimenting with different tools on the photograph. He showed the photographic results to his wife and she asked, “Where did you get the painting of our kitchen?”
Glenn studied art and photography in college and had always wanted to create his own style of art. This is the final results! Photo impressionism, photography with a twist, an original photo painting created by hand! Check out Glenn's different galleries and enjoy the art!


Napili Beach Gazebo Walkway Shower Curtain Size by Glenn McNary


Napili Beach Gazebo Walkway by Glenn McNary


Coronado Bridge 2014 by Glenn McNary


Hotel Del Sunset by Glenn McNary


Boat House 1887 by Glenn McNary


Surf Trip by Glenn McNary


Surf Carve Duo by Glenn McNary


Surf Session by Glenn McNary


Surf 1 Take Off by Glenn McNary


Surf 2 Bottom Turn by Glenn McNary


Surf 3 Off The Lip by Glenn McNary


Surf 4 Shoot The Pier by Glenn McNary


Make A Wish by Glenn McNary


2014 San Diego Skyline by Glenn McNary


Coronado From Above 1920's by Glenn McNary


No Fishing Santa Barbara by Glenn McNary


1906 Del Boardwalk by Glenn McNary


Sailing the Del BW by Glenn McNary


Sailing the Del by Glenn McNary


Place Your Bets Las Vegas by Glenn McNary


Yosemite Valley Fun by Glenn McNary


Santa Barbara Shore by Glenn McNary


Santa Barbara Palm Sunrise by Glenn McNary


Santa Barbara Sky Fire by Glenn McNary


Santa Barbara Sunrise by Glenn McNary


Sequoia Giant Yosemite Park by Glenn McNary


Half Dome Yosimite Park by Glenn McNary


Powell And Market Cable Car by Glenn McNary


San Francisco Hyde Street Cable car by Glenn McNary


Powell And Market Cable Car San Francisco by Glenn McNary


Malibu Shore by Glenn McNary


Old Mission Santa Barbara by Glenn McNary


Santa Barbara Pier by Glenn McNary


Old Mission Santa Barbara Walkway by Glenn McNary


Fishermen's Wharf San Francisco by Glenn McNary


Francisco and Hyde San Francisco by Glenn McNary


San Luis Rey Mission Walkway by Glenn McNary


And Away They Go by Glenn McNary


And The Winner Is by Glenn McNary


Paddock Leader Del Mar by Glenn McNary


Newport Beach Gazebo by Glenn McNary


HWY 101 by Glenn McNary


The Cliff Laguna Beach by Glenn McNary


Heisler Park Waves Laguna by Glenn McNary


Las Brisas Gazebo by Glenn McNary


Laguna Beach Hotel Afternoon by Glenn McNary


Laguna Beach Palm Vista by Glenn McNary


Laguna Beach by Glenn McNary